Steve Land, StrongEye Solutions LLCI am a professional interaction designer based in Seattle, WA with over ten years experience in the role of solution architect. I have managed teams, designed products, and delivered code to production apps serving millions of users.

I'm constantly exploring the frontiers of technology, and thinking of creative ways that new approaches can create better experiences for people. Every person who interacts with a digital system that I design -- admins, integrators, developers, power users, and novice users  --  remains forefront in my thinking as I solve myriad technical and interaction design problems. Many of the steps I take are not apparent to customers or end users, but the end result is a solution that works, fits the business, and offers the most elegant approach possible to the user. I love to solve hard problems with seemingly effortless solutions. 

At age 15, I began writing code for others through my father's company, which was the first retail computer store in Kansas City. My first professional development project was one in which I developed custom database software for a Kansas City fire extinguisher company.

In my travels around the world, I continued to explore the intersections between the human mind, technology, and science. This led me to the Technical Communications program at University of Washington, where I focused on learning everything I could about the science of human factors and human-computer interactions. 

In 1996 I began working as an Information Architect with a local consulting company, Chase Bobko, leading interaction design, storyboards, and in-house usability testing for companies including Microsoft, Visio (pre-Microsoft acquisition), and Corbis. The next year, Corbis offered me a career path which led me to develop deeper technical expertise and leadership; I managed the Web development team through several iterations of Corbis's new consumer-facing e-commerce offering. While at Corbis, I was named on two patents. After a brief time as development lead at a Seattle dot-com, I returned to the world of consulting, working as Principal Consultant and Solutions Architect at Codesic Consulting in Kirkland, WA. At Codesic, I provided expertise on multiple concurrent client projects and led development of technical approaches, methodologies, and deliverables. I worked with Codesic's sales executives to identify technical solutions to client needs, and worked to identify and develop professional partnership relationships. I consulted on projects with clients such as Paccar, the City of Seattle, Russell Investment Company, AT&T Wireless, Frontier Bank, King County, eSociety, and Locate Networks. In 2006 I was honored by a panel of Microsoft architects and MVPs when they granted my entry first prize in Microsoft's "Iron Architect" competition at TechEd. 

In 2006, I started my own company, StrongEye Solutions. We have been building great user experiences for technical and non-technical customers ever since. From the very beginning at StrongEye, working in distributed teams has been part of our core competence, and we have developed a great way of working with customers and team members across the United States and vendors around the world. Today, we work with a core team of talented software engineers in San Francisco and Costa Rica, focusing on user experience design and prototyping, "single page app" style Web applications (like Gmail), and highly usable mobile apps.  

My current work includes interaction design and prototyping for mobile, web, and embedded devices.